Conveying Systems

Dynamic Inspection Limited offer decades of experience in the design and manufacture of conveyor metal detectors.  No one else in New Zealand can offer the versatility and range of options that Dynamic Inspection Limited can. Available with either Stealth or Phantom search heads.

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Conveying Systems available with either Stealth or Phantom search heads.

Product Recognition Systems – Using a variety of methods we can identify the product coming down the line and change the settings on the metal detector to suit the product.  Working in digital real time these changes are instantaneous and can handle fast production speeds.  Methods available are optical (Camera) bar code scanning, carton size, weight and colour.

Pack Size  –  Products are recognised and the settings changed according to the length and height of the product.

Bar Code Scanning – A bar code scanner is used to scan the stand number of the bar code and the settings changed to suit the product.  Dynamic Inspection Limited have many installations using bar code scanners with up to a thousand products on file being recognised by the system.